My promise.

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I haven’t blogged for awhile now, Its strange to me. So much has happened to me in the past months. New pictures. New people. New me. I want what everybody wants. Love. And a tattoo. I want a tattoo that says ‘I got lost in us.’ Right under my heart, It means so much to me from the love I have had, from the people I have met and from the things I have done. The only problem with that is that my mom wont let me. I know, thats what moms are suppose to do, say no to things that are forever if your grades are bad. But this, this tattoo is more to me then anyone can comprehend it makes me tear up every time I think of all the memories that come with those words. I want it so bad, so I can set aside those memories and say to myself, Breath. It ll be okay. Things will change and you will get better and find love again. I want that, to be wanted by a guy my age who takes care of me and is a gentleman. Is that so hard to ask for? Apparently. I got my heart broken 9 months ago and he is still on my mind today, that’s how big of an impact his love had on me. You never really lose your first love, You just grow apart and hopefully, if you hope with all your heart you could, maybe, just maybe grow back together. But for now, all you can really do is get lost. I got lost in the love we had and i lost who i was, I gave him my everything and when he left me, I lost everything. That tattoo would also be a reminder of how not to get lost again, to stay true to myself and don’t give a guy my everything until he gives me his everything. I cant get lost again or else, Im afraid i wont be able to take it. I cant take heartbreak but the love that you get before it makes all the pain bearable.ย  No matter what, everyone deserves the kind of love I had. Where it wasn’t about the hugs, kisses, touches. It was about us. The way he said my name and called me everyday just to see how I was doing. When all he cared about is if I’m having a great day or not. Just like the Mariah Carey song, I just gotta shake it off, cuz his lovin aint the same.
To me, Its so much more then a tattoo. Its a promise.



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i loooove flowers :] especially Irises, they each have their own personality and their own fingerprints.

They each look different in their own way.

Some “sleeping” and some, wide awake

Each, their own color

And each and every one saying ‘Good morning, it’s Summer time'<3

My Vacation

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In the past couple months alot has happened. One thing is that i have not updated my blog, and i got to thinking that i could get to it when i’m available… well now is the time ๐Ÿ˜€

During these months, one of the things i did was go to Branson, Missouri for a week. I went on a boat, went in a cave, rented a cabin, and enjoyed the nature :]


We saw an amazing water show. I loved spening time with my little cousins ๐Ÿ˜€


We also went to Ripleys Belive it or not museum, and a wax museum :] both where very fun to see.


Also we visited my grandmother โค


It was an awesome, fun filled trip. I will never forget, that every single family member of mine is in me, and THEY are who made me, me ๐Ÿ˜€

mi familia, well the people i see the mostest :D

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First off, yes i know that mostest is not a word ๐Ÿ˜€

second off, i needed a new post so i thought i would do one about my Family, well some of my family. :]

My Mother is a photographer, and a writer. I want to be a photographer because of her, she has shown me that pictures are not just an image on a piece ofย  paper, they are art, emotion, and the skill does not come easy. I love her.

My Daddy ๐Ÿ˜€ inside he is still a little kid, and i love that about him, he is a mechanic and loves to work on cars, i would love to eventually learn all about engines and hopefully he will teach me :] i love my father :]

haha i couldn’t find a picture that only shows my step mom, Marla, so yeah haha, i see her every other weekend along with my dad :] you can say that step moms are evil, but her? she is COMPLETELY opposite of that :] and guess what! I love her.

and my uncle, Alan over at my dads house dident have a picture i could use haha, he is like a big teddy bear and i see him every other week like half of these family members listed haha i love him and everyone on this page :]

Sam is my step dad, he works at an asphalt plant and keeps roof over my head while my mom is lookin for photography gigs and writing her book. i am really thankful for that even tho i dont usually show it. :]

Minnie!! she is my oldest sister over at my dads house, shes a big wierdooo but i luh her face. ๐Ÿ˜€ she is so much funย  to hang out with, like in this picture! [by me hehe]

Miranda!! hehe shes a big goof ball and knows how to have fun! she my big sister and lives with my dad and step mom. i love her!!

Fallon! she sometimes gets on my nerves but sometimes its just all worth it, she is my only Full sister and moves from my moms house to my dads house with me. shes just as crazy as me ๐Ÿ˜€ i love her.

MALISSA! We are connected by the hip, she is my step sister over at my dads house, she is my best friend, and i would do anything for her :] anything. I love her to death :]

Kaitlyn! haha shes my step sister and i see her every week on Thursday, Friday and kinda Saturday.ย  Shes a huge fanatic of W.O.W. and can play it for HOURS on end haha shes a big wierdo but i still love her…kinda….haha just kidding ๐Ÿ˜›

WARNING! Gabrielle is a big big weirdo haha but that makes her, HER. She gets on my nerves but then she can be such a sweet heart, she is my youngest sister and see her every week, she is my moms and Sams little girl haha.

wow that took awhile and thats only my family i see the most :] haha

BTW the picture of Gabrielle was taken by my momma [ JennyLee LeBlanc ]

Zoo Lights :D

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little words, lotsa pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

The other night i went to the zoo and you could say, I stretched the zoo lights :]












Haha these are just a FEW of what i took, i thought these where the best :]

lights, camera, darkness

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i love just driving around at night taking pictures of city lights and messing around with my camera โค


Cold mornings

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cold mornings are not always the best at 6:30. but sometimes you find the beauty in them.


freezy morning at around 7 i found an elephant in the leaves