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My Vacation

Posted in cousins, Family, fun, vacation on April 26, 2011 by auberrykerrigan

In the past couple months alot has happened. One thing is that i have not updated my blog, and i got to thinking that i could get to it when i’m available… well now is the time 😀

During these months, one of the things i did was go to Branson, Missouri for a week. I went on a boat, went in a cave, rented a cabin, and enjoyed the nature :]


We saw an amazing water show. I loved spening time with my little cousins 😀


We also went to Ripleys Belive it or not museum, and a wax museum :] both where very fun to see.


Also we visited my grandmother ❤


It was an awesome, fun filled trip. I will never forget, that every single family member of mine is in me, and THEY are who made me, me 😀