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Zoo Lights :D

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little words, lotsa pictures 😀

The other night i went to the zoo and you could say, I stretched the zoo lights :]












Haha these are just a FEW of what i took, i thought these where the best :]


lights, camera, darkness

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i love just driving around at night taking pictures of city lights and messing around with my camera ❤


Cold mornings

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cold mornings are not always the best at 6:30. but sometimes you find the beauty in them.


freezy morning at around 7 i found an elephant in the leaves


Studio studio studio, how we all love thee :]

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Photos by Auberry Lee

My mother Jenn LeBlanc

My mother wrote a Romance Novel. This weekend Melinda, Cora, Monica, Ross, Leah, Jenn and I all went to the studio to take pictures for it. Below are some of the pictures i got 😀

Ross and Melinda

While my mother looked at the photos she had already taken, Melinda took charge of the camera… AND the model. They both goofed around taking hilarious pictures that everyone LOVED.

Photo by Auberry Lee

Everyone knew exactly how to make it a good day too. ^ above is Ross doing his cheetah face as Melinda told him to do. “your a cheetah, show me your cheetah face.” … and so he did. :]

Putting Leah in the mix was also another plus, for she was also great at being a model like Cora, Ross, and Derek. <Derek is another model from past shoots>

Great Team!

If you want MORE MORE MORE about this novel <— click there

1st post :D

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I am 15 years young and I want to be an artist.